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Patronize Our Sponsor’s Page

We want to thank our Sponsor’s for everything they do for our club!  To help create value to our Member's and for our Sponsors,we are changing our “Patronize Ours Sponsor’s Page” to incorporate any specials or coupons that our Sponsors would like to offer to our Belle Plaine Country Club Members.  These offers will be changing on a regular basis so you will want to check often to take advantage of special savings!!  To take advantage of the coupon or offer simply refer to the ID number of each offer when presenting it to the Sponsor.

I am in the process of adding a sign to the first tee box and it will also accommodate a large vinyl display of our sponsors.

NEWS FROM PAUL  -  May 10,2016

1.   There has been a decision made for repaying the parking lot.  The base will remain but loose asphalt will be removed and then holes filled. Then it will be sealed coated like what has been done by the City for the streets.  I will be asking the delivery people to please use a dolly to deliver to our door and not drive clear to the door with their delivery vehicles.  The Board is doing everything it can do in order to not doing an assessment to memberships. Please participate in fund raising and any events to help the club accomplish that goal.     

2.   I have received several updates to members information which is really helpful making our records more accurate.  If you have not updated your information please do this as soon as possible. Thanks for your cooperation.  

3.   Our latest events were not very successful due to low participation.  Please email me or call me to let me know if you have any type of events that you would like to see added so I can make this more fun for all members.  I am here to accommodate our members as much as possible.  I can only succeed with your ideas and help.  You and your family are important to me and the Board. One of my biggest problems is not knowing how much food to prep and make each event successful financially for the club.

4.  The Health Inspector performed a spot check today the 10th and was very happy with the progress we have made to conform to all of the requirements of the current health codes.  All of the items her and I discussed were very minor and she was very positive with her comments to the clubs efforts.

5.  I know we have had issues with the golf course maintenance so this is the most current information I have to give you.  The water system is now functioning with the exception of a few sprinkler heads.  The mowers have had routine maintenance and I have submitted some members concerns to help improve our courses playability.  I do appreciate your feedback even if it is a little negative.  I still value your opinions and suggestions.

Belle Plaine Country Club Member Information

Please Help Us

We are trying to update our records and information to be completely current to reflect our Stock Holders, Active Members, and Activity Levels of each of our members.  We need this to provide the best possible service and to keep our members informed of changes or added benefits to their memberships. As an example we are adding specials and coupons from our Sponsors in the near future.

We want to acknowledge Special Events in our Member’s Life like Birthdays and Anniversaries.  (Maybe even help them celebrate!)  Even more important is the young golfers just starting their golfing endeavors.

When we have current information we can offer special outings or programs to help them enjoy golf for a lifetime.  Maybe even just wish them a Happy Birthday and make their day just a little more Special! Everyone really does like feeling a Little Special.  To update your information just call Paul Nickel at (319) 892-4344 and he will help you with the process.  It only take a few minutes.

I will soon have new plastic membership cards available and hopefully some additional benefits to go along with the new cards.  I will send out email when cards are ready to be picked up.

The Board has designed a new program which I am personally very excited about implementing in the near future.  More details to come!