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Women’s League

Wanted All Women to come and join us this year at the Country Club for all kinds of fun on Wednesday Nights! This year we are kicking off the new year with a Vendor Night where we will have a Meet and Greet with Drink specials from 5:30 - 7:30 AM and be able to shop for all those things you have been waiting for. Learn more about the golf schedule and hear of all the neat things going on.

Attached is our Committee List which we have made real easy for everyone this year. If you are on a Wine Night; you just need to bring some snacks for people to munch on as they try the different wines that you recommend and that the club will have to serve. And ladies, $5 gives you the chance to taste the different wines and drink.

If you are on a GNO (Girls Night Out) committee, all you need to bring is dessert. The club will be providing a light sandwich meal which will be $5 per person. Pretty easy task and if you really don't even want to bake a dessert-Subway has really good cookies and Country Foods has all kinds of cakes.

Our Tournament Schedule this year includes June 17th-Rally for the Cure 2 Gal Best Shot, July 15th-3 gal Best Shot, and August 5th-2 gal Best shot. These Committees need to come up with a menu for the main course as we usually all help bring salads and desserts. Nolan said he is more than willing to help out in any way he can.

And one more special this year will be our Bring a Guest night which will be July 1st. This will also be our Mexican Night with Margarita Specials! The Blenders are even coming in for this one. You will not want to miss it! Start your 4th celebration off a little early with a bang!

Lots of Fun, Socializing, Meeting New Friends and Continued Fun For All! Come and Join us on Wednesday nights at the Belle Plaine Country Club! If you have any questions, you can contact Jo Johnson @319-330-1831 or other committee members, Danielle Parr or Vicky Nickel.