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Paul Nickel: Club House Manager

Paul believes golf is a sport that teaches sportsmanship, honesty and develops friendships that last a lifetime.  He started golfing at the age of 14 and remembers he and his brother got home from school, finished their chores and then hit the golf course.  They would run in between shots to get in 9 holes before it got dark and always followed by a mug of A & W root beer. He still has the root beer after a round but does not run in between shots!

Paul played Collegiate golf and was the Recreational Golf Department Manger for the City of Topeka Kansas,  He was the head golf instructor for that same department. Anyone knows you can find Paul at the golf course most of the time.  He truly loves the game.

Paul’s philosophy towards golf is that it has to be fun or why do it.  What makes golf fun is having enough good shots to bring you back to experience more good shots.  Technology today has made game improvement so much easier.  When a person knows their swing speed, if the club face is square at impact and if the swing path is on plane, then it is easier to make adjustments getting great results.  You can’t do that by yourself.  A video camera and electronic golf swing analysis can take your game to the next level.  Paul believes from the very start a coach needs to work within the the golfers capabilities not make a swing impossible to duplicate.  He loves teaching all levels of golfers because golf is a sport to be enjoyed. So when your game is ready contact Paul for an electronic swing analysis or if you just want a little help. Call him at (319) 892-4344


Phil Gibbins President

Sandy Daily Treasurer

Jone Longnecker Secretary

Marsha Johnson Vice President

Austin Danker Emphasis is on Membership & Marketing

Jeff Pierce Emphasis is on  Club House Management

Craig VanScoyoc Emphasis is on Outside Course Management

Randy Braden Emphasis is on Club House Management

Jed Wolf Emphasis Outside Course Management

Michele “Mitch” VanScoyoc: Golf Instructor

You just can’t talk about lady’s golf in Belle Plaine without talking about Mitch!  She just has a natural smooth golf swing with an effortless motion.  She started golf at 7 years old and learned from her dad who gave her the great golf basics.  Mitch’s golf philosophy is making sure the grip is the start to a good golf swing.  From there the swing needs to be natural with an even tempo.  Don’t try to force your swing.  Mitch is very competitive and true to her nature volunteered to help instruct young women playing High School golf, is the president of the Women’s League, and organizes the Couple’s League each year.  She is a huge asset to our club and is appreciated by our members for everything she does to promote golf in our community.  She feel the convenient location of our golf course allows anyone to be able to golf at a  moments notice and that is one of its best features.

Mitch says the most rewarding part of giving golf lessons is seeing people get excited about the game. Seeing their eyes light up when they experience success.  She knows then they are going to be hooked for life.  One last thing she feels is important is teaching new golfers proper golf etiquette and that is usually taught by example and usually shown by the parents being involved in golf.

Mitch can be reached at (319) 981-6302

Doug Johnson: Superintendent - Golf Instructor

Doug has the tough job of taking care of our course.  He says like any course, the weather creates the largest problems for maintenance. He really enjoys working outside and the friendliness of the members.  Doug has been our superintendent since 2002 and we appreciate his hard work.  One of the hardest sports to master or learn is golf.  It requires good eye - hand coordination and a strong foundation of basic techniques to improve upon.  Doug started his golf career in the 5th grade playing along with his parents and has been an avid golfer ever since that time.  Anyone that watches Doug realizes how solid his golf swing truly is and why he plays the game so well.

His golf instruction philosophy is to keep the instructions as simple as possible.  Take your time and not try to give too much information too fast.  Small successes make golf enjoyable and can be the building blocks to a lifelong sport.  Doug is terrific at working with all skill levels but enjoys helping new players the most. If you want to improve, Doug is one of the best and you can call to set up an appointment at (319) 444-3113